BLBS Clout Meetings

The British Long-bow Society in Scotland holds monthly clout meetings from the spring right through to the autumn. Scottish meetings take place at various venues: at Culzean Castle owned by the National Trust for Scotland, at Stair by permission of Col. Mike Bullen, and on the Craigie Estate courtesy of South Ayrshire Council. Green Hollow Bowmen host up to three clouts a year for the Society at Mugdock Country Park and Highland Longbows host one at at Fairburn Activity Centre in May.

All of the Scottish clout meetings together form the Scottish Clout Series which has its own separate awards for regular attendees based on their aggregate performance over the whole season.

Members in the shooting field near Stair House
Members at Stair for the Harvest Clout 2007

The main Scottish Clout meeting is the Scottish Clout Championships, held in Ayrshire during August. This meeting has attracted members from across the UK with many making a weekend of it by also attending the Ancient Society of Kilwinning Archers' Open Butts Round and Papingo Meeting the next day. The Scottish Clout Championships work on two levels offering not only the Saighdean na Cadhain or Grey Goose Arrows which are awarded to the Scottish Champions, but also open championship awards for which all are eligible - the Fairfield Trophies.

On alternate years, Scotland hosts the Celtic Clout, usually held at Culzean. This forms part of the annual Celtic Meeting.

Shootoff in the Craigend Field
The Green Hollow Clout shoot-off in the Craigend Field, Mugdock

The other regular main meeting of the Scottish season is the Green Hollow Clout, hosted by Green Hollow Bowmen at their home ground in Mugdock Country Park. Held in July, this meeting is notable not only for its jolly atmosphere but also for the excellent lunch and afternoon tea provided by the club for those taking part.

The rest of the Scottish clout meetings are smaller and more informal with no advance entry required. Notable among these is the Andrew MacKay Memorial Clout, held in April. Andrew was one of the three original Scottish members of the BLBS but before the Scottish shooting calendar really got established he died tragically young in a car accident. He was passionate about the longbow at a time when few archers in Scotland took it at all seriously, so we feel it's apt to remember him by gathering to enjoy a day's shooting together using the kind of bow he loved.

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