BLBS Clubs in Scotland

The British Long-bow Society has four affiliated longbow-only clubs in Scotland. For further details about affiliation to the BLBS, contact the

Please note that our insurance conditions relating to the Child Protection Act require that all those under the age of eighteen attending any meeting of a club affiliated to the British Longbow Society must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian, or by a responsible adult authorised in writing by their parent or guardian.

Green Hollow Bowmen Club Banner
Green Hollow Bowmen's
club banner

Green Hollow Bowmen

Founded in 1996, Green Hollow Bowmen are based in the Glasgow area and are always happy to welcome fellow BLBS members as guests. The club meets weekly on Sundays at Mugdock Country Park to the northwest of the city and monthly on Saturdays at Fenwick in Ayrshire, with further weekday evening sessions at both venues during the summer.

They hold a six week beginners' course each autumn as well as several "have-a-go" events every year, plus occasional coaching weekends and equipment-making workshops. Fees are kept as low as possible and a wide range of club bows, arrows and other equipment is available for use by those who have none of their own.

At their regular meetings, Green Hollow Bowmen enjoy target and clout archery in equal measure with an odd bout of wand shooting.

Special club events include the Captaincy Meeting in the spring, the epic Palmer Meeting in the summer, the Anniversary Shoot and Dinner and the Hallowe'en Shoot in the autumn, and the Festive Fun Shoot in the winter. They also have two serial competitions for members - the Winter Combinations during the cold half of the year and the Target Rubber over the warmer half. Finally, they host a number of open meetings for the BLBS every year, among them the Spring Target Meeting in April, the Green Hollow Clout in July and the Silver Arrow Wand Meeting in August.

For further information and contact details, visit

Lorn Longbows club banner
Lorn Longbows' banner

Lorn Longbows

Formed in 2004, Lorn Longbows is based in Argyll. Their club symbol is inspired by the Aileach, a beautiful replica 16th century birlinn (a highland galley) that plies the waters around Argyll and further afield.

They concentrate on target archery at their shooting ground at Ardmaddy Castle which is twelve miles south of Oban. They meet there regularly on Sundays from 1.00pm throughout the year and also on Wednesday evenings during the summer.

Their annual open meeting, held during the summer, is shot on the Archery Field at the Castle and comprises a Western round as well as some hearty home cooking.

For further details and information on Lorn Longbows, contact club secretary

Highland Longbows club banner
Highland Longbows'
club banner

Highland Longbows

Highland Longbows came into being on 1st April 1995. Based at Bunchrew House Hotel, on the Beauly road to the West of Inverness, the club meets infrequently throughout the year.

The club season starts in April with the Spoon Shoot (members only) at Bunchrew. The shoot is followed by the A.G.M. held in the lounge of the Hotel. In July is the annual BLBS Highland Meeting, a Windsor round held in the Northern Meeting Park, Inverness. The first Highland Meeting was shot in 1996. The Ness Motors Quaichs are presented each year to the top lady and gentleman. It's always worth attending this meeting, especially for the lunch!

In November there is the Bonfire Shoot at Phoineas Lodge, Beauly. This is a social shoot for club members and invited guest archers. Finally, 2006 saw the first annual Highland May Clout at Fairburn near Marybank, which commands wonderful views of the surrounding Highland landscape.

Over the years the club's annual membership has averaged around 18 adults, with the occasional junior accompanying a parent. For further information about the club, contact

Ettrick Forest Archers club banner
Ettrick Forest Archers'
club banner

Ettrick Forest Archers

Ettrick Forest Archers are Scotland's newest longbow archery club and meet at Philiphaugh, near Selkirk in the Scottish Borders. The club was formed in January 2007 with two aims: to resurrect the ancient and traditional art of long bow archery which was last recorded being practised in Selkirk in 1818, and also to resurrect a competition for the Selkirk Silver Arrow.

The club meets throughout the year on Sundays with evening meetings on Wednesdays during the summer. In addition to the annual Silver Arrow shoot, Ettrick Forest Archers organises monthly competitions for club members as well as regular 'come and try' events.

For more information on Ettrick Forest Archers, visit