Photo Gallery

Here you'll find some photos taken at some of our bow meetings.
You can click each image below to view the full-size image.

More photos of our members can be seen at as well as on this album from the Selkirk Harvest Clout 2009.

BLBS Target Champs - Betty looking less than pleased (click the image to see why...) Harvest Clout, Selkirk, September '09 - Elaine Harvest Clout, Selkirk, September '09 - Colin
Harvest Clout, Selkirk, September '09 - Have Booze Will Travel Scottish Albion, September '09 - Betty, Elaine P, Elaine S and Mack Scottish Albion, September '09 - Mike, Sean, Ned, Chalks
Scottish Albion, September '09 - Bosco, Charlie, Alan J, Sandra and Penny Scottish Albion, September '09 - Don (a.k.a. Mr. President) Scottish Albion, September '09 - Champion Charlie with Don
Green Hollow Clout, August '09 - the Hollow Green Hollow Clout, August '09 - the ladies Green Hollow Clout, August '09 - Champion Elaine
Ardmaddy Castle, August '09 - shooting in Lon a' Chuspair Ardmaddy Castle, August '09 - Martin flashes his petticoats Ardmaddy Castle, August '09 - Hugh and Mary
Scottish Clout championships, Culzean, August '09 Scottish Clout championships - Jane and Elaine Highland Meeting, July '09 - Maggie in the money
Highland Meeting, July '09 - Andy and Highland Bill Celtic Clout, June '09 - Barbara, Ned and Betty in the shoot-off Celtic Meeting, June '09 - the field at Fenwick
Roy from Ireland and Martin from Scotland Celtic Meeting - Jim, Fede, Martin, Sean, Christine, Roy Hugh, Fede and Betty at the Celtic Meeting

Photos by members of the BLBS in Scotland.