Scottish Inter-Club Match 2007 Gallery

Here you'll find some photos taken at the 2007 Scottish Inter-Club Match hosted by Green Hollow Bowmen at Mugdock on the 29th of April.
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Hilary, Alison and Hugh Norman Seán, John, Barbara and Fede
Kim and Sandra ("Slope? What slope?") Jay and Ned ("Go on, stick me down for three golds and I'll make it worth your while.") Fred and Highland Bill share a joke
Henry and Lowland Bill Picnic tea Sean, Niamh, Karen and Mairi
Hard sums Alison and Seán Highland team talk
The tense wait for the results Hilary and Duaine Lady Paramount Niamh and winning team captain Gary
The clubs' final teams (l. to r.)
Lorn Longbows - Henry, Duaine, Sean, Fred
Green Hollow Bowmen - Fede, Sandra, Hugh, Gary
Highland Longbows - Kim, Neil, Barbara, Bill

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