Other Scottish meetings open to BLBS members

Currently, the ASKA Open Papingo is the only open BLBS-friendly meeting held in Scotland which is not part of the official calendar, although our member clubs hold regular informal club meetings. For more information, see the BLBS Clubs in Scotland page.

ASKA Open Butts Round and Papingo

The Ancient Society of Kilwinning Archers is the oldest archery society in Britain if not the world and their annual Open Butts Round and Papingo in August is justly famed and well worth a visit. Members of other ancient archery societies, the BLBS and the GNAS are welcome.

Bosco lines up his winning shot
Papingo 2005 - winner Bosco on the way to 'dingin' doon the doo'

As implied by the name, the meeting is composed of two parts; the first is a butts round at 30 yards, the results of which determine the shooting order at the second part of the meeting. This second part is the 'papingo', a modern derivation of the ancient sport of shooting vertically at live birds held in cages. Our feathered friends are quite safe these days, however, as a wooden model is used for the ASKA papingo.

The papingo is held at Kilwinning Abbey's Clock Tower, where archers shoot from the step at the base directly up at the top of the tower, where the bird (or 'doo' as it is affectionately called) is suspended on a pole. The object is to first dislodge the bird, after which the body is fixed and archers must strive to knock off its wings. For safety reasons, only lightweight bows and arrows fitted with rubber blunts may be used at the papingo.

The view from the bottom of the tower
The 'doo' as seen from the shooting position at the tower's base

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