BLBS Target Meetings

The BLBS holds several Scottish target meetings over the course of the season, starting with the Spring Target Meeting at Gardrum House in Fenwick, Ayrshire, headquarters of Land Engineering Ltd. who kindly allow us use of their facilities. Here the Society's premier rounds are shot - a York for the gentlemen and a Double National for the ladies and juniors - with sandwiches and hot soup served at lunchtime to stave off the effects of any April showers. A clout meeting is held the same weekend.

The Zingari Meeting in May - a mixed Western round - is shot on the Fountain Court at Culzean Castle. The Fountain Court makes a very elegant setting for a day's shooting, further enhanced by a tasty buffet lunch served in the Castle Orangery at half-time. The Zingari is followed by a clout meeting the next day.

Zingari Meeting, Culzean Castle
Archers at the Zingari Meeting in Culzean Castle's Fountain Court.

June brings the Celtic Meeting, which incorporates both a Western round and a clout. This home international event has become the biggest meeting in the Scottish shooting year and as such merits its own section.

In July the Society shoots a mixed Windsor round at the Highland Meeting hosted by Highland Longbows at the Northern Meeting Park, Inverness. This is a very popular meeting within the Scottish longbow community and those taking part are sure not only of a warm welcome but also of a delicious lunch and tea prepared by Highland Longbows' members.

In August Lorn Longbows host a target meeting for their fellow BLBS members amid stunning scenery on the historic Archery Field at Ardmaddy Castle by kind permission of the castle owners, Charles and Minette Struthers. A Western round is shot and the club lays on an excellent lunch and scrumptious home-baked tea.

Later in August we have the Silver Arrow Wand Meeting shot at Fenwick. The tradition of wand shooting goes back a long way. The wand consists of a narrow wooden lath set into the ground some distance away and the object is to try and strike it with the arrow, hopefully splitting it. The Silver Arrow Meeting starts with a traditional two-way target round. This decides seedings for the subsequent head-to-head knock-out round at the wands. The overall winner is awarded The Arrow, a beautiful silver arrow made by Paul Sampson and presented by bowyer Fred Bates.

Silver Arrow Wand Shoot 2006 winners
Winners of the Silver Arrow Wand Shoot 2006 at Gardrum House, Fenwick

The final target meeting of the year is the Scottish Albion Meeting in September. Like the Zingari it is held on the beautiful Fountain Court at Culzean Castle by permission of the National Trust for Scotland, and is followed by a clout meeting the next day.

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